Thoughts on creating a first blog

Posted on July 30, 2008
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Yesterday I pored over WordPress blog themes until I was almost cross-eyed (and if I’d gotten there, it would have been a first – I tried without any success to do this when I was a kid because all my friends could do it). I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to try my hand at blogging and two things gave me the nudge I needed:

My (continued) observation is that one needs a great deal of patience when learning new technologies. Yesterday, I was on the phone with support at my ISP off and on throughout the day. They’re a great bunch, very accessible by phone – and that’s a good thing because their written documentation is a bit sparse. All was proceeding rather nicely with installing WordPress in a subdirectory of my website, when I got a message saying that “it” wasn’t able to create a database. It seems that I need to have at least one database available on my site. This I found out after-hours last night. Today, I upgraded my hosting package to get the database function. The rest was relatively easy (with a phone call or two to a colleague who has been down this road) – thank you, you know who you are.
It’s off to the races, now, as I move forward with both learning experiences. I’ll be tracking what I’m doing and my thoughts on the process in this blog.


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