What is an Online Community? FOC08 Weeks 2 and 3

I’ve heard it said among some of my friends that an “online” community isn’t really a community at all. This is usually said by friends who are resistant to using their computers for anything other than either for work or for personal research.
Our blog posts for the FOC08 course are to be reflective and personal [...]

A visit with Boxer Rescue Canada friends

Today I’m starting two weeks of semi-vacation by heading out to south Surrey to visit several friends from Boxer Rescue Canada. It’s been a while since I’ve seen either of them. Marta lives in northern Alberta and isn’t in the area very often. She and I keep in touch by email, through BML (Boxer Mailing [...]

A photo album for Mom

Today I bought a photo album to make a scrapbook of my 89 year old mother. It’s a spiffier album than I use for my own photos, for a “just ‘cuz I love you” gift for her. I took advantage of an offer for 100 free photos from the Kodak Canada website when Future Shop [...]

Working with WordPress themes – continuing with SLA23Things

I’ve spent several days “trying on” different WordPress themes for this blog, personalizing them a bit, and then seeing what they look like on the screen, abandoning the ones I don’t like. I now have something that’s workable, after changing colours for the header (which I discovered was in several pieces), removing elements that I [...]