A photo album for Mom

Posted on August 3, 2008
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Today I bought a photo album to make a scrapbook of my 89 year old mother. It’s a spiffier album than I use for my own photos, for a “just ‘cuz I love you” gift for her. I took advantage of an offer for 100 free photos from the Kodak Canada website when Future Shop ended their photo processing service. I went through photos from the last few years highlighting a “women of the family” vacation in Ontario last summer, my visit to Edmonton last fall, and my mom’s visit to Vancouver last February. I think she’ll be very happy with the photos of her with cousins and a 92 year old childhood friend in Ontario and with the fur-grandkids (Freckle the boxer and Ceilidh the pug) here in Vancouver.

It’s wonderful to see my mom looking so happy and healthy. I can only hope that I’m as mobile and energetic when I reach her age.

Mom in Whitby

Mom in Whitby wearing her new Tilley Endurables hat - Aug 2007


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