SLA 23 Things Week 4 Photos & Images – Part 3

Yesterday I ordered a new laptop. It arrives Monday or Tuesday and I’m both dreading and welcoming the switch over. Dreading, because I know it will take weeks to reload all my software. The obvious programmes will be loaded right away, but as I remember from last time, it wasn’t until I went to use [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 4 Photos & Images – Part 2

Last weekend, I worked on SLA2Tthings with a friend using Skype. It was a fun way to explore flickr and delicious. We each brought our different expertise and questions, which enhanced the experience for both of us.
Since then, I’ve been exploring image sites further and learning more about mashups, of which I’ve had a general [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 4 Photos & Images – Part 1

I’ve been using Flickr for some time – I’m not quite sure when I created my account and starting uploading photos. I have a Pro account because I wanted to create multiple sets and not be limited by maximum allowable uploads in any given month. I have both private and public sets. I figured most [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 3: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

I was glad to see the deadline for completing SLA’s 23Things extended to December 15th. I’ve had a busy few months of back to back and overlapping projects. Now that I have a bit of breathing room, I’m picking 23Things up again.
I’ve had a delicious account for a while. I’ve made a start at organizing [...]