SLA 23 Things Week 4 Photos & Images – Part 3

Posted on November 17, 2008
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Yesterday I ordered a new laptop. It arrives Monday or Tuesday and I’m both dreading and welcoming the switch over. Dreading, because I know it will take weeks to reload all my software. The obvious programmes will be loaded right away, but as I remember from last time, it wasn’t until I went to use some of it that I noticed it wasn’t there. Welcoming, because my current laptop is grinding to a halt and won’t run some of my recently loaded applications. Welcoming, also, because I can’t use this current machine for Second Life and my laptop is now my primary computer. I can enter Second Life with my desktop machine, but it’s slow, very slow. This new laptop promises to revolutionize my online experience and I’m ready for the shake-up.

Second Life is one of those Web2.0 applications I’m eager to try out. There are lots of interesting things happening in SL – tours, author talks, online instruction and reference sessions with librarians, even dog dog parks and dog training sessions. I can buy a SL dog if I want (I found a boxer avatar with cropped ears at SLDogs, but think I’ll see if I can find one with uncropped ears, since that’s the look I like). I’ve had an avatar for a couple of years, but she’s getting rusty from disuse.

I’m also looking forward to Week 7 on Wikis and collaborative portals. I have minimal experience with this type of online collaboration and should learn a lot during the 23 Things exercises.

As for using various Web2.0 tools in my work, I see blogs, RSS feeds, and Delicious as being most useful for now. I’ll have to give a lot more thought to how the other tools would be applicable to what I do – primarily information-based research in the area of health services and health technology assessment.


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