Embedding a video in a Wordpress blog post

While doing the final week of SLA 23 Things, I was puzzled that the video I added wasn’t embedded in my post, but rather was hotlinked in the sentence about it. I had expected when I clicked on the “add media” icon in my Wordpress dashboard that it would be embedded (i.e., there would be [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 9 Podcasts, Video & Downloadable Audio

Video sharing sites
Youtube – I have favourite Youtube videos categoried as music (by artist for some of my favourite musicians), dogs (by activity for some), humour, and more). I’ve been using Youtube mostly for leisure activities, but lately have been finding news and instructional videos to be very useful. I haven’t yet uploaded any of [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 8 Online Applications & Tools

Online productivity tools
As part of this week’s tasks, I read the About.com article Top Ten Productivity Web Sites. Of these 10 tools, I already use:

TinyURL – I use this site when I’m not on my own computer. I have the FireFox add-on TinyURL Creator on my own machine.
Gmail – I forward all of my email [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 7 Wikis Part 2

I created a sample wiki to complete this week’s tasks.

I took a look at a few options for free wiki hosting. I decided I wanted to host it at a wiki site rather than using server-based software as a first go-round. I checked out a few options:
WikiSpaces – I took the online video tour starting [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 7 Wikis Part 1

I admit it – this is a Web 2.0 application that I have next to no experience with, other than using a few for information-gathering. I can definitely see the use of wikis in collaborative environments: education, businesses, even social networking groups.
It wasn’t until after I’d viewed the wonderful short video “Wikis in Plain English” [...]

Creating smaller files for my profile photos

identi.ca won’t accept the file I use for my profile photo, saying it’s too big. Not helpfully, there isn’t any indication about what the size limit is. Rather than opening Photoshop Elements 6, I decided to see what I could use online (in the spirit of exploring Web 2.0 further).
Out of curiosity, I searched Google [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 6 Play Week

Week 6 is a “play” week to explore some Web 2.0 applications of potential interest.
Avatars and online image generators:
First task this week was to create an avatar and/or work with an online image creator.
Meez – an online avatar creator and game site. I didn’t get very far with it. I downloaded and installed Java (still [...]

SLA 23 Things Week 5 RSS & Newsreaders

I’ve been using Bloglines for years to follow (when I find time) news feeds, primarily those in information science, health policy and personal/professional productivity. I also follow some boxer feeds and art feeds.

Checking out the Quick Pick Subscriptions, I see there are quite a few that I’m already subscribed to, and others that I’ll check [...]