Embedding a video in a Wordpress blog post

Posted on December 17, 2008
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While doing the final week of SLA 23 Things, I was puzzled that the video I added wasn’t embedded in my post, but rather was hotlinked in the sentence about it. I had expected when I clicked on the “add media” icon in my Wordpress dashboard that it would be embedded (i.e., there would be a video box to click on to start the video as I’ve seen on others’ blog sites). During the night as I lay awake – I’m an insomniac and do a lot of problem-solving in the dead of night – it occured to me that I had used the URL to the video rather than the “embed” code from Youtube. I watched a video on Youtube to find out how to do it. Basically, you have to go to user options and unselect “Use the visual editor when writing.” After working with posts with videos, change the settings back to allow visual editor. Below is the instructional video, as well as the video of Bounce the boxer competing in Rally O.

How to embed YouTube Video in Wordpress:

Bounce competing in Rally O at AKC:


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