SLA 23 Things Week 5 RSS & Newsreaders

Posted on December 7, 2008
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I’ve been using Bloglines for years to follow (when I find time) news feeds, primarily those in information science, health policy and personal/professional productivity. I also follow some boxer feeds and art feeds.

Bloglines Top 1000 Screen Shot

Checking out the Quick Pick Subscriptions, I see there are quite a few that I’m already subscribed to, and others that I’ll check out another time (e.g., Birding News Feed, Art Knowledge News). The Boglines Top 1000 is interesting, especially the graph showing gains and declines in readership of each in the list. Jenny Levine’s blog,  The Shifted Librarian, is in seventh place and holding steady.

I’ve checked out Google Reader, but don’t like the look and feel much. Maybe it’s a coziness thing – I’m comfortable where I am with Bloglines – but I think the Google interface just takes up too much real estate on the screen. Another SLA 23 Things participant had a good point about using Google Reader since she uses many of Google’s other applications. For now, though, I’ll stick with Bloglines.

I poked around iGoogle and did some customizing:

I personalized my MyYahoo account a bit more:

Whether I actually use iGoogle and/or MyYahoo in the future remains to be seen.

While checking out Netvibes, I discovered my ancient account no longer exists;  I couldn’t log in, at any rate. I created a new one, and although Netvibes knows I live in Canada, it wasn’t smart enough to determine I  live on the west coast andwant Vancouver weather on my page. I do like the Flickr Most Interesting Photos box that is already on the page, though.

Another suggestion for Week 6 was to check out Pageflakes. I had a quick look at this and decided not to spend the time setting it up. Interesting and possibly useful, but I have only so much time to devote to personalizing my Internet experience. All of these tools do essentially the same thing, with minor variations. Best to figure out which ONE I like and work with it – if any at all.


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