SLA 23 Things Week 7 Wikis Part 1

Posted on December 12, 2008
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I admit it – this is a Web 2.0 application that I have next to no experience with, other than using a few for information-gathering. I can definitely see the use of wikis in collaborative environments: education, businesses, even social networking groups.

It wasn’t until after I’d viewed the wonderful short video “Wikis in Plain English” that I found myself quite excited about wiki possibilities for my work as an independent info pro. I don’t do many projects that require group input, other than report generation. Generally, we’re an ad hoc group of consultants and researchers brought together for a specific project. Each new project is a different topic, not requiring an ongoing collaborative effort. I’m thinking the next time I have a receptive group working on a project with me, I’ll create a wiki and see if it’s adopted as a useful productivity tool.

Several uses of wikis in non-classroom environments that intrigued me are project management and email reduction. More information about wiki use can be found on the Future Changes blog.

I wonder, after looking at the suggested resources for this week, if a private wiki with various apps and widgets could make my life easier. As an example, I used Google maps a while ago to check on where a Rally Obedience trial was being held just outside of Vancouver. If there’s another trial there in a year or two, I’ll have to look it up again – but if I had a personal wiki, I could save the file there and not have to do the search again. I could add a calendar, task list, etc. But – I’m not quite convinced yet.

A few items of interest to health librarians:

Of the wikis mentioned in the SLA’s 23 Things page, the ones I found most interesting include:

I also found the site interesting to explore. This site talks about wiki development, use and adoption – ways to make a wiki successful. They provide a “how to” starting at “Grassroots is best.”

Lastly, several wiki directories to explore further:

Next step for SLA 23 Things is to create a wiki.


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