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Posted on December 14, 2008
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Online productivity tools

As part of this week’s tasks, I read the article Top Ten Productivity Web Sites. Of these 10 tools, I already use:

Of the others mentioned, I’ve considered installing Google Desktop but worry a bit about security issues. Several others that look interesting include:

(I dislike the fact that doesn’t date their articles. I’ve noticed this in the past – it’s frustrating not to have a sense of the currency of the information.)

I subscribe to the Lifehacker blog and read it when I have time to digest it. It’s a great site with lots of technology and productivity discussion. Looking at the blog site for this week’s tasks, I found a “cool tool” that looks great – a mechanical pencil whose lead rotates slowly to prevent flattening, which leads to broader lines than wanted. I happen to really love mechanical pencils and do most of my writing and note-taking with one.

Nifty mechanical pencils with rotating leads

Nifty mechanical pencils with rotating leads

The Getting Things Done video on YouTube sounds as if it would be a worthwhile watch (45 minutes). I own the book, however, so unless I find an hour with nothing to do, and that’s pretty rare, I won’t be viewing it. The GTD bookmarks on Delicious are worth a second look, though.

Reviewing Lifehacker’s 2007 Guide to Free Software and Webbapps will take some time. It was published Dec 17, so perhaps I’ll wait until the 2008 edition comes out (assuming it’s an annual post).

Other applications suggested in this week’s tasks (focussing on free applications only):

Productivity tools I’ve tried:

Exploration of a site from the Web 2.0 awards list

This task involved looking at seomoz’s 174 Web 2.0 Sites in 41 Categories list. This site has a cornucopia of both fun and work-related sites and applications – lots to explore in the future.

Categories I quickly checked:

The One Million Masterpiece
This site won an honourable mention. Its tagline reads “Officially the World’s largest collaborative arts project and online drawing community.” The artistic vision of this collaborative art site summarized is:

As someone who has felt the synergistic effects of working with other artists (on individual pieces, rather than a colloboration, during life drawing sessions), I find it really interesting that this experiment is taking place. I know of artists who do work collaboratively and they love the experience. The composite picture being created can be zoomed in and out and is clickable so you can see larger versions and the details of the artists who created specific tiles in it. Though I haven’t joined the community yet, I probably will – and I’ll be sending the URL to friends, for sure.

TheBroth is another collaborative art site that won an honourable mention – an additional site to explore in the future.

Section of collaborative picture from The One Million Masterpiece, with detail


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