Library Day in the Life: day 2

Posted on July 28, 2009
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I had an earlier start to my day than yesterday – on my laptop just after 7 AM. Today looked pretty much like this:

  1. An opinion piece on cross-border medicine (tagline “Canadians could do with less waiting – Americans with less cost”) in today’s Globe and Mail (This I added as a news item on my website, since it deals with health policy issues).
  2. An interesting editorial in Open Medicine: Medical research and social media: Can wikis be used as a publishing platform in medicine? (Something I’ll be watching to see how it develops. Had a brief conversation going about this on Twitter this afternoon.)
  3. Social Media in Plain English video from CommonCraft (Was looking for plain English technology discussion for a very non-techy colleague. This video is just the kind of overview I was looking for – quick and punchy and gets the message across in an entertaining manner.)

Stopped the main work of my day about 5:30 and walked my office assistant very slowly around a couple of blocks before dinner, in as much shade as we could find. Chatted with neighbours about the heat – we’re all flagging in it. Work definitely spilling into the evening today.


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  1. Bobbi Newman on July 29th, 2009 4:31 pm

    I heard about that awful weather you’re having up there! Its an odd year for sure, only 80 today here in Georgia, usa.

    Thanks for writing about your day! I’m so excited to read about all the different types of work librarians do. I love the idea of self employed, maybe some day! :-)

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