A photo album for Mom

Posted on August 3, 2008
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Today I bought a photo album to make a scrapbook of my 89 year old mother. It’s a spiffier album than I use for my own photos, for a “just ‘cuz I love you” gift for her. I took advantage of an offer for 100 free photos from the Kodak Canada website when Future Shop ended their photo processing service. I went through photos from the last few years highlighting a “women of the family” vacation in Ontario last summer, my visit to Edmonton last fall, and my mom’s visit to Vancouver last February. I think she’ll be very happy with the photos of her with cousins and a 92 year old childhood friend in Ontario and with the fur-grandkids (Freckle the boxer and Ceilidh the pug) here in Vancouver.

It’s wonderful to see my mom looking so happy and healthy. I can only hope that I’m as mobile and energetic when I reach her age.

Mom in Whitby

Mom in Whitby wearing her new Tilley Endurables hat - Aug 2007

Working with WordPress themes – continuing with SLA23Things

Posted on August 3, 2008
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I’ve spent several days “trying on” different WordPress themes for this blog, personalizing them a bit, and then seeing what they look like on the screen, abandoning the ones I don’t like. I now have something that’s workable, after changing colours for the header (which I discovered was in several pieces), removing elements that I don’t like from the header, changing fonts here and there, adding in more widgets, and moving things around a bit. This goes beyond the necessary for the Facilitating Online Communities course, but fits in well with SLA’s 23 Things program. It’s a great learning experience and has moved me forward with my understanding of technology – I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer and this web2.0 stuff feeds into that.

I haven’t been able to identify yet where I can change the text on the right side of the black header bar. I’ve been through every file associated with this theme, as well as examining the page source. Another mystery to solve along the way.

Here’s the comparison of the original theme and my current version. I’ve made quite a few changes, as you can see:

original modernpaper theme

original modernpaper theme

reworked modernpaper theme (first version)

reworked modernpaper theme (first version)

What I still want to do, at a minimum:

I’ll just keep tweaking away until I have something I’m happy with – it’s what I do best.

Thoughts on creating a first blog

Posted on July 30, 2008
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Yesterday I pored over WordPress blog themes until I was almost cross-eyed (and if I’d gotten there, it would have been a first – I tried without any success to do this when I was a kid because all my friends could do it). I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to try my hand at blogging and two things gave me the nudge I needed:

My (continued) observation is that one needs a great deal of patience when learning new technologies. Yesterday, I was on the phone with support at my ISP off and on throughout the day. They’re a great bunch, very accessible by phone – and that’s a good thing because their written documentation is a bit sparse. All was proceeding rather nicely with installing WordPress in a subdirectory of my website, when I got a message saying that “it” wasn’t able to create a database. It seems that I need to have at least one database available on my site. This I found out after-hours last night. Today, I upgraded my hosting package to get the database function. The rest was relatively easy (with a phone call or two to a colleague who has been down this road) – thank you, you know who you are.
It’s off to the races, now, as I move forward with both learning experiences. I’ll be tracking what I’m doing and my thoughts on the process in this blog.

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